How to get a .com address – Simplified

Technical Level: Beginner Time Required: 5 minutes Cost: $5.99

Having written this beginners guide on how to get a .com address over 2 years ago I felt it was time to revisit this post and see if there were any changes I could make to help make your journey any easier in getting a .com address.

After reading my original article I realized that I had focused a little too much on your future options rather than giving you the easiest option to get a website up and running. With that in mind I have decided people create enough barriers that stop their success before they even try something, so I decided to completely re-write this article in order to give you one less reason why you can’t succeed online.

As the internet grows in popularity more people are creating a web presence. To the average person this can seem like quite a daunting task that should be left to the tech savvy folk. You will however be surprised to know that in order to get a .com address (aka: Domain Name), it only takes minutes to setup.

More than ever, now is the time to get your website idea off the ground. With the huge growth in average people turning to the web to generate an alternate income doing something they love, you don’t want to wait any longer and risk missing your opportunity.

If you want to setup your first .com address, but you don’t need or want to know all the technical jargon that might benefit the advanced user, this step-by-step will guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to buy a website hosting package that includes a domain name from the largest and most reliable hosting provider for startup blogs and websites (BlueHost) and setup your e-mail account.

The steps below will lead you through the process from deciding on .com, .net or .org to adding hosting so you can setup a blog

  1. Decide on a domain name
  2. Select your website hosting for your .com address
  3. Check if you can get your .com address and purchase your website hosting
  4. How do I setup e-mail

1. Deciding on a domain name

With over 100 million domain names already registered you can sometimes be disappointed when you think of the perfect name only to find somebody has already registered it.

Some tips to remember are:

  • Avoid dashes “-” and numbers (both written and numeric). This complicates verbally giving somebody your .com address.
  • Try and get a .com, .net or .org address where possible. This might take a little more creativity, but these domain extensions are seen as being more authoritative.
  • Pick something that is easy to remember.
  • If you want to be the face of the service you are going to offer then consider integrating your name. This can be a problem if you ever wanted to sell your website.

2. Select your website hosting for your .com address

Head on over to BlueHost by Clicking here. Once there click on the getting started button (seen below) in order to select your web hosting plan for your .com address and website.

getting started button

If you only foresee one website in your future you can opt for the “starter” plan, otherwise choose the “plus” plan which includes the ability to host unlimited website (.com addresses).

Either plan will be more than ample to get you started and keep you up and running for quite some time.

Note: BlueHost now gives you the flexibility to upgrade your plan as your website grows.

3. Check if you can get your .com address and purchase your website hosting

With your plan chosen type in the domain you would like inside the “new domain” box and click “Next”.

If your domain is available you will be taken to the Sign-up page where you can enter your contact information and package options.

Note: The only additional package option I would recommend is the “Domain Privacy Protection”.
By selecting this, your website users will not be able to see the address and phone number you entered in your domain registration information above, however this is completely optional and if you have used your company information above it is not necessary.

package options selection

Congratulations, you now know how to get a .com address through BlueHost!!!

4. How do I setup e-mail

Now that you have your .com address you probably want to get your free e-mail setup. You do this by clicking the “Login” button on the main BlueHost website, then from the hosting menu and mail section select “Email Accounts.

setup e-mail location

Now it is as simple as entering your desired e-mail address and password then selecting “Create Account”

email setup screen

Once set up, to log in to you e-mail account go to and enter the login details you have just setup.

Thanks for reading my guide on how to get a .com address – simplified, I hope it has helped you on your journey into the online world. If you have any feedback or further requests, I welcome you to leave a comment below.

My one parting piece of advice would be – don’t wait around and watch other succeed online wishing you had made the move first, be proactive and reap the rewards of reaching millions of people online. Click here now and setup your website now!


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